Melon Salmonella Lawyer: 33 Victims Identified in Ohio

Melon Salmonella Lawyer

: 33 Illnesses in Ohio Related to Pre-Cut Melons

The total number of illnesses that have been linked to

pre-cut melons contaminated with salmonella

has risen to 117, with 32 hospitalizations. Even though the outbreak appears to have originated with melons produced in Indiana, the largest group affected by salmonella illnesses is now located in Ohio. A total of 33 people in Ohio have become ill after eating cantaloupe, honeydew, or watermelon, or mixes of some or all of these melons and other pre-cut fruit.

The salmonella outbreak began in early April 2019, when Caito Foods, LLC, of Indianapolis, Ind., recalled products containing pre-cut melons because they were potentially contaminated with

Salmonella Carrau

, a rare type of salmonella that has been historically seen in imported melons. Reports from

Caito Foods, LLC

, indicate that imported melons were used in the suspect pre-cut melon products.

Melon Salmonella Lawyer

Update: In addition to the Ohio illnesses, Indiana has reported 23 illnesses from people who ate the contaminated melons. Also with higher counts are Kentucky with 21, and Michigan with 22. Other states affected by the outbreak include Alabama (1), Iowa (1), Illinois (7), Minnesota (3), Missouri (7), and Wisconsin (1).

Pre-cut melons were sold by Kroger, which is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger stores sold the cantaloupe, honeydew, or watermelon, and melon mixes under the Renaissance Food Group label and under the Boar’s Head private label.

With the recall, all potentially contaminated melon products should have been removed from store shelves. Consumers who may have these pre-cut melons in their refrigerators should properly dispose of them and thoroughly clean any surfaces, including refrigerator shelves and kitchen countertops, that the melons may have touched.

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Melon Salmonella Lawyer

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