Avocado Listeria Lawyer: Listeria Testing Can be DIfficult

Avocado Listeria Lawyer

: Avocados in 6 states recalled for Listeria:  Most victims will not be tested for Listeria

Avocados have trended over the past couple of years as the new health food. Normally, they are packed with nutrition, including significant amounts of fiber and potassium. However, avocados sold in six states may actually be a health hazard to consumers, as routine inspections of the Henry Avocado packing facility in California have returned positive results for listeria monocytogenes in environmental samples.

Henry Avocado Corporation is now recalling its conventionally grown and organic whole avocados sold in bulk at retail stores. These

avocados are potentially contaminated with the same listeria monocytogenes

found in the environmental testing.

Recalled avocados were packed in California and distributed to stores in Arizona, California, Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. Packing at the Henry Avocado California facility began in late January 2019. The company also imports avocados from Mexico and those are not included in the recall.

Meet the author: Experienced Food Safety Lawyer Tony Coveny, PhD

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