Wild Ginger Campylobacter Lawyer Update: 7 Confirmed Cases Linked to the Wild Ginger Asian Fusion Restaurant.

Wild Ginger Campylobacter Lawyer Update: 7 Confirmed Cases Linked to the Wild Ginger Asian Fusion Restaurant.

The Wild Ginger restaurant in Cortland, NY, was announced as linked to a

Campylobacter outbreak

which has already affected 7 people. The outbreak was announced by the

Cortland County Health Department

on November 7, 2019, through their Facebook page. In their Facebook post, the Health Department announced a health alert stating:

The Wild Ginger was closed for cleaning on November 7


; according to public health officials the owners of the restaurant voluntarily closed it to do some cleanup. Local media reported that the restaurant owners hired a third party company to handle the sanitizing work. Health Department Officials stated that the restaurant will not be allowed to reopen until health inspectors approve of the restaurant’s sanitary state.

The Cortland County Health Department is still investigating the restaurant, county inspectors have collected samples of the food from the restaurant for testing but the results are still pending. Catherine Feuerherm, the Public Health Director of Cortland County, stated “This particular bacterium is not easy to find after a certain amount of time. There’s a window there for confirmation.” As of the announcement of the outbreak 7 lab-confirmed cases have been reported but there is a possibility that the number of people affected by the outbreak may increase in numbers, as the testing continues.

Health Care Providers have been alerted to keep a lookout for people who may present symptoms of


.  According to

Ron Simon

, a national

Campylobacter Lawyer

, most people who become ill with campylobacteriosis get diarrhea, cramping, abdominal pain, and fever within two to five days after exposure to the organism. Catherine Feuerherm said, on behalf of the Cortland County Health Department, “We ask that anyone experiencing symptoms wash their hands frequently and be excluded from working in food handling jobs and in caring for vulnerable people in daycares, nursing homes, and hospitals during the time of infection”.

For more information on the Campylobacter outbreak linked to the Wild Ginger, to speak to Campylobacter Lawyer, or to inquire about a Campylobacter lawsuit, call 1-888-335-4901.



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