Sun View Produce Salmonella Lawyer Update: Four Reported Salmonella Cases

Sun View Produce Salmonella Lawyer Update: Four Reported Salmonella Cases.

Sun View Produce

, a grocery store located at 6110 West 63rd Street in Chicago, was linked to a salmonella outbreak in which four people reported positive for salmonella after purchasing pork tamales or carnitas from the deli section.

The Chicago Department of Public Health

(CDPH) decided to investigate the grocery store after they started to receive reports of people infected with salmonella during the month of July from eating pork tamales and carnitas at the Sun View Produce grocery store. According to the CDPH, customers who ate or purchased the contaminated products, pork tamales and carnitas, in July from the deli at the grocery store may have been exposed to the salmonella bacteria. Public Health officials have issued a warning to customers who have purchased pork tamales, carnitas or any hot food from the deli section of Sun View Produce during the month of July, to discard the food and check their freezer to make sure they don’t have any of the contaminated products.

Food Poisoning Lawyer Tony Coveny, PhD is a food safety lawyer, author and commentator. He works with National Food Safety Lawyer Ron Simon.

CDPH is working with the grocery store to provide guidance on safe food handling and cleaning practices to prevent further spread of the salmonella outbreak. Public Health officials have stated that as of August 5, the contaminated food items are no longer available at the store and there is no evidence that food made after this date poses a risk. CDPH has also issued an alert to area physicians about the outbreak, providing medical guidance.

Public Health officials have urged customers who have eaten or purchased any of the contaminated food from the Sun View Produce deli during the month of July and are experience symptoms such as diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps to contact a medical health care provider. The CDPH stated that although most infections resolve without antibiotics, older individuals or those with weakened immune systems may need medical evaluation and treatment.

Ron Simon, a national

Salmonella Lawyer

, stated:

More than 95% of Salmonella infections are transmitted by the consumption of foods contaminated with the bacteria… Salmonella infects people of all age groups and backgrounds. Infants, the elderly, and people who have compromised immune systems are at greater risk of severe or complicated disease


For more information about the Sun View Produce Salmonella outbreak, to discuss a Salmonella lawsuit, or to speak to a salmonella lawyer, call 1-888-335-4901.


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