Shigella Lawyer Update: Texas Department of State Health Services Announces Shigella outbreak

Shigella Lawyer Update: Texas Department of State Health Services Announces Shigella outbreak


shigella outbreak

was announced by the Texas Department of State Health Services after 27 cases of shigellosis were reported to the Fort Stockton and Pecos County. The first known cases of the outbreak were reported in October 2019, while the latest case was reported in late November 2019. Public Health officials are investigating the shigella outbreak but at the moment there is no clear source that has been identified.

The Texas Department of State Health Services

issued a warning to residents of the Fort Stockton County urging them to take precautions to avoid contracting the shigella bacteria. Chris Van Deusen, the Director of Media Relations of Texas Health and Human Services, stated:

Health Department Officials have advised anyone who believes they might be experiencing symptoms of shigella to contact their health care provider and get tested for shigella via stool culture.


bacteria are present in the diarrheal stools of infected persons while they are sick and for up to a week or two afterward. Most Shigella infections are the result of the bacterium passing from stools or soiled fingers of one person to the mouth of another person. The best way to avoid spreading the bacteria is to wash hands frequently, especially before preparing or serving food, before eating, after using the bathroom, after changing a diaper, and after cleaning areas where pets or livestock live. Health Department Officials are advising people who are sick to stay home from work or school until they are diarrhea and fever-free for at least 24 hours.

Ron Simon

, a national

Shigella Lawyer

, stated “The majority of individuals infected with Shigella develop stomach cramps, diarrhea, and fever 24 to 48 after they ingest the bacteria. The incubation period may, however, be as long as four days in rare cases. Typically the illness resolves in five to seven days.”

For more information on the Shigella outbreak, to speak to a Shigella lawyer, or inquire about a shigella lawsuit, 1-888-335-4901.



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