Roland Foods, LLC Botulism Lawyer Update: Lumpfish Caviar Recall Due to Potential Botulism Risk.

Roland Foods, LLC Botulism Lawyer Update: Lumpfish Caviar Recall Due to Potential Botulism Risk.

Roland Foods LLC of New York, New York, announced a voluntary recall of its red and black lumpfish caviar products on September 20, 2019. The recall was due to the products being potentially contaminated with

Clostridium botulinum

, a bacterium which can cause botulism.

The Food and Drug Administration

(FDA) announced that since the recall the production and distribution of the product have been suspended. According to the FDA, the New York City Company distributed the caviar nationwide to retailers and foodservice distributors. The contaminated products are labeled as “Red Lumpfish Caviar” and “Black Lumpfish Caviar” and are sold in glass jars. The UPC’s are located on the product labels, under the bar code. The products affected by the recall are:

A more in-depth list of the recalled products can be found in the

FDA recall announcement



is a potentially fatal form of food poisoning. The symptoms involved with botulism are a general weakness, dizziness, double vision, and trouble with speaking or swallowing. It can paralyze muscles, including those used for breathing, which often requires patients to be placed on a ventilator. Customers who have eaten the contaminated caviar should seek immediate medical attention if they begin to develop any symptoms.

Ron Simon

, a National

Botulism Lawyer

, stated “All forms of botulism can be fatal and are considered medical emergencies.  Foodborne botulism can be especially dangerous because many people can be poisoned by eating a contaminated food, and all cases of foodborne botulism are treated as a public health emergency due to the risk that the food – homemade or commercially available – responsible for causing the illness may still be available for consumption and sicken other unsuspecting people.”

For more information about the Caviar recall or to speak to a Botulism Lawyer, call 1-888-335-4901.




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