Pillsbury Flour E. coli Lawyer Update on Pillsbury Flour Recall

Pillsbury Flour

E. coli Lawyer

Update on Pillsbury Flour Recall

Pillsbury bread issued a recall on Pillsbury Best 5 lb. Bread flour due to a potential presence of pathogenic E. coli on June 14th.

Following the recall of

King Arthurs flour

last week, Pillsbury announced that it would be recalling 4,620 contaminated cases of its 5 lb. Bread Flour. According to the


the contaminated cases were distributed across 10 states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The recalled cases have UPC codes of 051500200315, lot codes of 8342 and 8343. The used-by-dates of the products are June 8, 2020 and June 9, 2020.

ADM Milling Co. informed Hometown food of a certain batch of wheat used to make the two lots of Pillsbury Best 5lb. ADM Milling in Buffalo, New York has been associated in the production of four other flour products linked  to E.coli illnesses.

No reported illnesses associated with Pillsbury Best bread flour have been reported, but it is advised to take caution when eating food that may have used the contaminated product.

Pillsbury bread flour products with other UPC numbers, best by dates, and lot codes have not been affected by the recall. As the use-by date of the contaminated product is in June 2020 consumers are advised to use caution if they have Pillsbury Best bread flour outside of the original bag. FDA recommends that if a customer is in possession of one of these affected products to discard it immediately or return it to the retail location from which it was purchased on in a safe manner.

E. coli lawyer Ron Simon and the FDA advises consumers to avoid the consumption of raw flour of any kind; this includes dough and batter made with flour. When working with flour clean the work surface, utensils, bowls, plates, and your hands well with soap and water after use, make sure the food cooked with flour is cooked thoroughly before eating. Always try to avoid cross- contamination between flour and other foods products.

For more information about the Pillsbury Flour recall or to speak to an

E. Coli Lawyer

, call 1-888-335-4901.



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