Mexico Viejo in Taylorsville, North Carolina, Linked to 100 E. Coli Illnesses

Illnesses at North Carolina restaurant increase to 100

The number of people who became ill after eating at Mexico Viejo in Taylorsville, NC, has risen to 100. Illnesses among restaurant patrons are apparently linked to e. coli contamination in a chicken dish at the restaurant, located in Alexander County. Environmental health officials have inspected the restaurant, but the exact cause of the e. coli outbreak has yet to be determined.

Previous inspections of the restaurant by county health officials revealed no food safety issues and the restaurant had received a high score by inspectors. The restaurant is cooperating with health officials in trying to determine whether the chicken was contaminated. Most people became sick after eating chicken dishes at the Mexican restaurant on June 20.

E. coli contamination can cause food poisoning symptoms. Including severe stomach cramps, diarrhea that is often bloody, vomiting and sometimes a low-grade fever. E. coli infection doesn’t manifest as quickly as other foodborne illnesses, such as 




. E. coli generally appears three to four days after the initial infection, though in some cases, symptoms don’t appear for over a week.

Because symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, nausea, and stomach cramping are so common, many individuals don’t realize they’re infected with E. coli and opt not to seek medical care. Sometimes, failure to obtain proper medical attention can result in life-threatening complications. Each year, approximately five to ten percent of people diagnosed with an E. coli infection experience hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a deadly complication.

If you ate at the Mexico Viejo restaurant in Alexander County on June 20, please contact the Mexico Viejo

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