Listeria Lawyer: Several Archer-Farms brand egg products return positive for Listeria

Listeria Lawyer

: Several Archer-Farms brand egg products return positive for Listeria

Recall effective as of July 19, 2019

After having their egg products sent for food safety testing at Florida’s Department of Agriculture, Elevation Food has voluntarily recalled several items due to Listeria concerns. They have recalled all Archer-Farms brand egg salads, tuna salads, and Thai lobster salads, as well as their deviled egg sandwiches produced on June 18, 2019.  These egg products were manufactured in Elevation Food’s factory in Knoxville, Tennessee. Nearly 1,087 containers of possibly contaminated products have been shipped to different food markets such as Target and The Fresh Market around the US.

Tony Coveny, PhD, Infectious Disease Attorney

Ron Simon & Associates has handled thousands of food borne illness claims.

As of now, there are no reported illnesses due to this contamination. While Listeria monocytogenes are not fatal to those in good health, they can be detrimental to the young, elderly, or any who have compromised immune systems. Common symptoms caused by a listeria infection are severe head-ache and fever, nausea, and moderate to severe diarrhea. Listeria infections can cause harm during pregnancies and even miscarriages. For these reasons it is important to follow the direction of the


in order to prevent a breakout of this harmful illness.

One thing to note, says

National Listeria Lawyer

Ron Simon, “most cases of Listeria go undiagnosed.  Most people recover within a week or so form a bout of food poisoning, Since Listeria rarely shows up in stool cultures, those are routinely negative.  But, in some the bacteria causes encephalitis or meningitis, and in pregnant women can cause miscarriages or still births.  Because so many things can cause those illnesses, careful diagnosis or a cerebral spinal or placental culture – PRIOR to antibiotic administration – is usually the best way to  definitively determine if a person has had Listeriosis.  In most cases were listeria is identified, most of the human illnesses will go undetected. This may be the case in this situation.”

If you have purchased any of these Archer-Farms egg products, the FDA directs you to check the “use by” date located on the side of the container as well as the lot number printed on the side of the lid to determine the safety of your product. The FDA’s published “use by” dates and lot numbers which are of concern can be found


. If you are in procession of a recalled product, you should return it promptly to its place of purchase for a full refund.

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