Kitty’s Restaurant & Lounge Still Under Review by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the North Reading Health Department

Several Kitty’s employees returned after being prohibited from working

Health department officials allowed Kitty’s Restaurant in North Reading, Massachusetts, to reopen after 39 customers became ill with salmonella contamination. The restaurant was ordered to undergo a thorough cleaning and to prohibit certain employees from returning to work. However, an inspection several days after the restaurant reopened found numerous food safety concerns, including the fact that employees who had been prohibited from working were on-site and preparing food for customers.

The North Reading Health Department received additional complaints after allowing Kitty’s to reopen. They conducted an inspection of the facility and found food safety and sanitation concerns related to unsanitary conditions, cross contamination, and time and temperature abuse. They also found employees working who had not been cleared to return to the restaurant by either the Massachusetts Department of Public Health or the North Reading Health Department.

The health department feared a second outbreak of salmonella contamination because the restaurant failed to comply with its original orders. Kitty’s is now closed until further notice. Health officials are continuing their investigation.

Salmonella was traced to antipasto salad and house dressing. Health officials are warning consumers who took home leftover antipasto salad or house dressing, who purchased takeout antipasto salad or house dressing, or who purchased packaged house salad dressing from Kitty’s Restaurant since June 1 to not eat them. These items should be taken to the North Reading Health Department so they can be tested for contamination.

There have been 9 confirmed cases of salmonella directly related to the food at Kitty’s and an additional 30 cases of suspected salmonella. If you ate at Kitty’s and are experiencing symptoms of salmonella, including diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps, contact the food poisoning lawyers at 1-888-335-4901 to learn more about your legal options.


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