Kellogg Brand Honey Smacks Cereal was Widely Distributed in the United States, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, the Caribbean, Guam, Tahiti and Saipan

Kellogg’s Brand Honey Smacks Cereal is a popular seller in the United States and much of the Western hemisphere.  Now it is being recalled due to numerous illnesses across much of the United States – at least 31 states have reported illnesses of

Salmonella Mbandaka

– these include

New York

, which was hit the hardest with 7  identified victims, California, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania with 5 each, Virginia and Michigan with 4 each, Connecticut, Indiana, New Jersey, Washington, West Virginia and North Carolina with 3 each, and Alabama, Arizona Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin with either one or two.

The investigation began slowly, with first case was identified on March 3rd and a second on March 7th.    Two more were identified on the 14th and 15th  of March.  But on the 27th of March, the reports began to come in nearly daily, with multiple reports on many days in April and May. The last confirmed case became ill on May 28th, but this does not mean there will be no additional cases – it simply means there is a lag-time for reporting illness and confirming the case as an epidemiological match to the


of the outbreak strain – a sort of DNA thumbprint of a particular pathogen that allows investigators to link cases separated by hundreds of miles to a single product.

For more information about the

Kellogg Salmonella Outbreak

, to speak to a

Kellogg Salmonella Lawyer

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Kellogg Salmonella lawsuit

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