Food Poisoning Lawyer: York County Provides Insight into Common Food-Borne Illness Issues

Food Poisoning Lawyer: York County restaurant inspections reveal common food safety issues

Inspections conducted by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture revealed a number of food safety violations among restaurants in York County. Lack of proper food handling protocol and employee hygiene procedures are often cited in inspections of restaurants and other food preparation facilities. These issues can result in food contamination, when bacteria such as



e. coli

, or


develop. Contaminated food can cause serious illnesses and even death among restaurant patrons.

The York County inspections found numerous violations in restaurants across York County. The greatest number of issues occurred at China Café in New Cumberland, Parma Pizza & Grill in Dallastown, and China One in Manchester.

Violations at China One included:

At China Café, inspectors found:

Parma Pizza & Grill violations included:

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