Ezzo Sausage Company Listeria Lawyer Update: Ready-to-Eat Sausage Products Recalled Due to Potential Listeria Concerns.

Ezzo Sausage Company Listeria Lawyer Update: Ready-to-Eat Sausage Products Recalled Due to Potential Listeria Concerns.


Ezzo Sausage Company

, in an announcement on November 9, 2019, has issued a recall of approximately 25,115 pounds of sausages due to the possibility that the products may have become adulterated with Listeria monocytogenes. The recall was issued after the firm notified the

U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service

(FSIS) of a positive sample result for Listeria monocytogenes in one of its products or at the production site.

As of the recall, no reports of Listeriosis have been as linked to the recalled products.

The contaminated sausage products were produced on October 29


, October 30


and November 5, 2019. According to the FSIS, the recalled products have the establishment number “EST. 1838A” inside the USDA mark of inspection. The recalled items were distributed to centers in both Ohio and Indiana. A full list of the recalled products can be found in the

FSIS recall announcement


The FSIS has advised anyone who has eaten any of the recalled ready-to-eat sausage products and is experiencing health complications to visit a health provider as soon as they are able to.


infection primarily affects older adults, persons with weakened immune systems, and pregnant women and their newborns. In less common cases perfectly healthy people may be affected by the infection, which is why consumers who have eaten the recalled products should stay vigilant for symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance and convulsions.  According to one

Listeria Lawyer

, “Listeria can be very difficult to diagnose, as it rarely shows up in stool cultures.  In some cases requires a cerebral spinal fluid culture to properly diagnose.”

Distribution centers, restaurants, or institutional refrigerators have been advised to avoid the use of the recalled products. Consumers who may have purchased the contaminated products should dispose of them in a safe manner or return them to the place of purchase for a full as soon as possible.


is unlike most other bacteria; it can grow and multiply in a refrigerated environment. Listeria is normally killed during pasteurization and cooking. In certain ready-to-eat foods such as hot dogs and deli meats, contamination may occur after factory cooking but before packaging. According to Ron Simon, a national Listeria Lawyer, victims who have symptoms such as fever or a stiff neck may consult a physician, and there are options in cases of suspected Listeriosis for blood or spinal fluid test.

For more information on the Ezzo Sausage Company recall, to speak to a Listeria Lawyer, or to inquire about a Listeria Lawsuit, call 1-888-335-4901.



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