E. coli Lawyer Update: 3 Victims Identified in Illinois – Source Unknown

E. coli Lawyer Update: Three e. coli illnesses in Illinois a mystery to health officials

Three people in Winnebago County, Illinois, have become ill from e. coli contamination, but county health officials have yet to determine the exact cause of the foodborne illness. Winnebago County, with a county seat in Rockford, Illinois, reports that the illnesses began May 31, 2019, when the three infected people began experiencing diarrhea.

Residents of Winnebago County should be aware of the symptoms of e. coli contamination and take care when preparing and consuming food to avoid infection. E. coli infection doesn’t manifest as quickly as other foodborne illnesses. E. coli generally appears three to four days after the initial infection, though in some cases, symptoms don’t appear for over a week. The most common E. coli symptoms include:

The Winnebago County, Illinois, Health Department recommends that consumers take steps to help prevent E. coli, including:

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