E. coli Lawsuit Lawyer: E. coli Outbreak Increases to 156 Ill in 10 States

E. coli Lawsuit Lawyer: E. coli outbreak numbers increase to 156 ill in 10 states

The e. coli outbreak that began in March 2019 continues to spread, affecting more people in more states. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has identified a potential link in

raw ground beef products recently recalled by K2D Foods

but warn that it has not made a positive identification of the source of the multi-state outbreak. In addition, the FDA notes, there may be other ground beef products responsible for the illnesses.

As of April 23, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is reporting a total of 156 illnesses, including 20 hospitalizations, across 10 states. State now impacted by the e. coli outbreak include Kentucky (65), Tennessee (41), Georgia (33), Florida (3), Illinois (1), Indiana (1), Minnesota (1), Mississippi (1), Ohio (8), and Virginia (2).

Those who have become ill from

e. coli contamination report that they ate ground beef

both at home and in restaurants. The raw ground beef products recalled by K2D Foods were distributed to restaurants. The CDC, FDA, and local health official are continuing to conduct traceback investigations that will help them determine where and when people became ill.

The number of illnesses has grown by 47 since the CDC’s last report on April 12, 2019. Individual states are investigating additional illnesses that might be a part of this outbreak. Illnesses that have been reported started between March 1, 2019, and April 7, 2019. Officials anticipate that the number will continue to grow as more people seek medical attention for their e. coli related illnesses.

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