Dog Gone Dog Treats Salmonella Lawyer Update: Three Salmonella Cases Linked to Dog Treats in Massachusetts.

In a health alert issued by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, public officials announced three cases of salmonella that were linked to dog treat products. According to local health officials, the dog treat products were distributed to select retail stores by the Massachusetts-based company under the brand name Dog Gone Dog Treats. The retail store locations that received the contaminated products were informed of the potential health risk involving the dog treats and have begun removing them from shelves.

The three salmonella cases linked to the dog treat products were two adults in their 70’s and a child in Essex County. All three individuals reported handling the contaminated products before becoming ill. The Dog Gone Dog treat products were linked to the three reported cases after one of the customers who purchased the dog treats turned in one open and several unopened bags to the local health officials. After testing the dog treats at the state public health lab, it was discovered the treats tested positive for the same strain of salmonella as the reported cases.

The contaminated dog treat products were sold at Essex County Co-Op in Topsfield, New England Dog Biscuit Company in Salem, Gimme Chews & Moore in Haverhill, and Animal Krackers in Gloucester. The Department of Public Health stated, “Made in Georgetown, the dehydrated treats are not fully cooked and include “chicken chips,” beef liver and sweet potato chips in their ingredients.” The Dog Gone Dog Treats are no longer being made until further investigation is done on the contamination and retail stores have been ordered to remove any existing dog treats from the shelves.

Health Department Officials issued advice to consumers to prevent salmonella infection from pet food or treats. People who handle dog treats should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap or water after handling pet food, store pet food away from human food and young children, not let children under 5 handle or eat pet food or treats, clean and disinfect surfaces the treats may have touched. To prevent any potential exposure people should refrain from letting dogs lick their mouth and face after eating.

Salmonella bacteria multiply at an alarming rate and the infectious dose is very small which is why is very easy for a person to become ill from handling food contaminated with salmonella bacteria. According to an attorney from the National Salmonella Law Firm Ron Simon and Associates, previous salmonella outbreaks have been traced to pig ear dog treats, pet turtles, contaminated water supplies, taro leaves, flour tortilla wrappers, and even chocolate syrup used on ice cream. Mr. Simon offered advice to people who may have contracted salmonella by stating:

“A salmonella lawyer can help victims of salmonella food poisoning seek compensation for their injuries and other damages. In addition, salmonella attorneys take on cases involving people who have contracted salmonellosis from others, such as manufacturers of and contaminated food products, restaurants responsible for serving bad food, and a grocery store selling contaminated food.”

For more information on the Dog Gone Dog Treats contaminated with Salmonella bacteria, to speak to a Salmonella Lawyer, or to inquire about a Salmonella Lawsuit, call 1-888-335-4901.

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