Beaverton, Oregon E. coli Outbreak Linked to an A Daycare Facility: Call to talk to Our E. coli Lawyers

E. coli outbreak at Oregon daycare sickens 5 -call to speak to our E. coli Lawyers 

A daycare facility in Beaverton, Oregon, is experiencing an e. coli outbreak of an undetermined source. Five people have become ill with e. coli symptoms; four of those have confirmed e. coli infections.

Washington County Health and Human Services officials are continuing the investigation as they do not yet know the extent or the source of the contamination. None of the victims have experienced kidney failure or have had to be hospitalized.

More illnesses may soon be reported. E. coli infection doesn’t manifest as quickly as other foodborne illnesses, such as 




. E. coli generally appears three to four days after the initial infection, though in some cases, symptoms don’t appear for over a week. The most common E. coli symptoms include:

For more information about the e. coli outbreak at the Beaverton, Washington, daycare, please contact the

E. coli lawyers

at 1-888-335-4901.


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